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The usage of the letter 'K' makes it's more creative.There is a lot of YGO around here.



Hello World End




when you vomit at the thought of losing to jonouchi

god no

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yugioh+violent arm-movements

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The single greatest picture ever taken in my life. We threw Yu-gi-oh cards at the ceiling fan to watch them scatter, and just happened to take a picture right at this exact moment. To this day, this is the only time I’ve ever heard of anyone breaking a ceiling fan blade with cards.

f l a w l e s s

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Power… What is power? It’s the only thing you can rely on! That’s what! In a fight, everyone else is an enemy! Your own strength… your own power is the weapon you use to crush your foes and protect your domain. It’s just like real life… you can only count on yourself and yet… the power of unity. Could it be that it’s stronger than the power of being alone?
—Seto Kaiba, Chapter 129 (via fuckyeahsetokaibaquotes)

YGO Fanart Exchange for kitizenfang

i hope it’s to your liking enough



Hey will you love me?…Wait, where are you going?…oh ok, guess not


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What’s your opinion on using animals for science?

We have prisons full of child molesters so I don’t know why we continue to test on animals

I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect response 

it was probably too early for me to return from hiatus. I’m still feeling very estranged and just not all together.

The one post 4 am queue is still gonna be in effect.